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Taioku has made some of the most highly-advanced bicycles the market has ever seen as well as the first bikes some riders will learn to ride on. The range of bicycles produced reflects our experience with working with customers from a wide range within the cycle and automotive industries.


Taioku work with the product specifications of brands to deliver high quality bicycles that build brand reputation and value. Many of our customer relationships span decades and we have worked with some of the biggest and fastest-growing names in the European and American markets. Our key strength is understanding your aims and working with the right suppliers to deliver the right end product. We don't compete to be the lowest-price but we can compete to be your most trusted partner in developing your position in your market, offering exceptional value when the total package is considered.


A typical process of development will begin with taking the time to understand your brand's needs. With an understanding of your priorities and unique needs we will develop time lines for any aspects of the project requiring specific development. All projects will be fully sampled and tested before finalizing specifications to ensure production specifications are clear, realistic and high standards of quality assurance can be achieved.