Global Sourcing

Our experienced global sourcing team constantly researches and looks for new and potential parts suppliers around the world, helping you to find the most suitable and cost-effective supply solution.

Within our sourcing and purchasing activities, we also help you cope with core tasks such as vender qualification, price & MOQ negotiations, engineering consultancy, production start-up, quality assurance, audit inspection and shipping arrangement. 

Development & Technical Assistance

We have the capability of developing alloy frame as well as opening a mold per your requests. Besides, we can offer you onsite quality inspections as we have our own ISO 4210 test equipment.

Any time technical issues or modification on 2D/3D drawings arise, our R&D team can promptly help you sort them out by offering the suggestions and solutions.

By telling us your ideas or sketches, our R&D team can help with customized artwork as well as aftermarket package designs to fulfill your needs.   

Quality Assurance

All orders are firstly inspected by suppliers and will be re-inspected by our well-trained QA team before shipment.

Integrated Warehousing Services

Our warehousing services directly integrate orders tracking, inventory management and other value-added services, inclusive of combined shipping, bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling, quality inspection, etc.

Door to Door Service

Typically, the delivery times of ocean freight take up 30 days or more; with door-to door service, your goods will be delivered directly to your dealer in only 7 days, and the costs of local warehouse management and inland logistics could also be saved.